Innovative Leisure takes Universe’s high ropes course to new heights

Adventure attractions specialist Innovative Leisure has revealed the expansion of the high ropes course at Universe park in Denmark

Universe is an adventure park where learning is the main focus. With the use of technology and science, the park has been designed to inspire adults and children with a wide range of activities and experiences. And having installed a new, two level, Sky Trail Explorer high ropes course at the venue for the 2017 season, Innovative Leisure was recently tasked with adding another level to the course to increase capacity due to its popularity with visitors of all ages.

In 2021 about one in three visitors tried out the many different challenging elements on the Sky Trail, making it one of the most utilised attractions in the park and the primary reason management wished to expand the experience.

The eight pole high ropes course has now been expanded to include a new third level, taking the structure to a height of 15m and enabling it to cater to up to 60 participants at any one time, who can experience a total of 37 different elements. Additionally, the course now features the first curved Sky Rail Zip in Europe on the third level, which also boasts two new adventure elements in the Roller Rail and the Rolling Log.

“In this project we added one more floor to the existing Sky Trail high ropes,” explained Troels Nim Andersen, project manager at Universe. “We also focus more on science learning by moving in height. Along the way, we give guests hints at what happens to their bodies when they are high up and why it happens compared to the same activity on the ground. The new zip on the third floor is quite special. It’s curved, so you start by setting off into nothing. The whole flying experience is amplified.”

Universe Science Park Fund is a non-profit self-governing foundation, with the aim of enthusing children and young people about science, technology and entrepreneurship. The adventure park is filled with experiences that fascinate, involve and entertain within the themes of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The park has over 140,000 visitors annually, of which about 10 per cent are school visits.

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