Indoor play centre revamped with the help of Innovative Leisure

Lemur Landings, near Poole in Dorset, UK, underwent a huge refurbishment at the beginning of 2017. The venue’s revamp included the installation of our junior ropes course, Sky Tykes, as well as our LED handholds and climber timers to upgrade an existing wall, the newly-refurbished play area being named the Climbing Zone.

The brand-new Climbing Zone is perfect for a wide age range of children. Sprucing up the existing climbing wall with LED hand holds has created an eye-catching and appealing attraction for older children, while the addition of climber timers adds a competitive edge, which encourages repeat play and business.

The Sky Tykes junior ropes course has been designed specifically for children below 1.2m tall and at least 2-years-old. It also features a unique walk-through element, a special feature which allows a helper, usually a parent, to accompany a child while they negotiate the many challenging rope elements the course offers.

Lemur Landing’s adventurous new Climbing Zone has opened up the centre to a whole new demographic, with older children and even with those beyond the usual play centre age now having more to enjoy. The Climbing Zone has also provided a unique alternative learning activity that could potentially attract schools and youth organisations such as the Scouts and Brownies.

The addition of Innovative Leisure’s adventure attractions has rejuvenated Lemur Landings by bringing something extra to the indoor play centre, taking it from a regular soft play area to a next level, interactive family entertainment centre which can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

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