Making a splash at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park

In a recent article in the Eastern Daily Press about Hemsby Beach Holiday Park`s new attractions, Richardsons Chief Exec Greg Munford emphasized the importance of engaging young people in today’s screen dominated era:

“Nowadays you do have to try harder to appeal to young people because you`re competing with screens, and that’s why you need to offer exciting and interactive experiences that they really want to engage with.”

Thrills and spills await at Hemsby Beach Holiday Park as adventure attractions specialist Innovative Leisure introduces two new additions to its already impressive array of activities in partnership with Richardsons Leisure.

First up is the Pirate Themed Water Wars game, a family-friendly wet play attraction that promises interactive fun for all ages. Participants take aim at each other from opposing battle stations, armed with water balloons and using the Water Wars catapults. If you miss your opponent, your balloon may hit the target on top of the battle station, which sets off an explosion of water known as the Depth Charge, giving an extra soaking to your friends and family.  The result? It`s a refreshing hit among holiday park visitors, offering a break from the digital world.

Adding to the excitement is the unique Coconut Tree Climb, which offers a very different climbing experience when compared to a traditional climbing tower. The Coconut Tree Climb can be climbed by gripping onto the authentically themed artificial coconut tree bark, to shimmy your way to the top. Alternatively, there are some strategically placed handholds to help younger climbers achieve their goal.

These new additions complement the existing attractions at Hemsby Beach, including Innovative Leisure`s Sky Trail high ropes and Sky Tykes Low ropes courses, as well as a 7.3m 4-person auto belay climbing tower, and a low-level Timer Traversing Wall. Together, they create an exhilarating destination for high-energy breaks in the UK.

Park and customer experience manager Justin Ettridge highlighted the successful partnership between Hemsby Beach Holiday Park and Innovative Leisure:

“We have had the pleasure of working with Keith and the team at innovative Leisure since 2017.

Over the past 7 years, a great working relationship with the team has been built, so much so that they have been a key part in the development journey at the Holiday Park, bringing exciting and quality attractions to wow our guests.

From delivering new ideas, to the management of safety and training, the service and customer care has been great with the Innovative Leisure team, at every level.”

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