The wet & wonderful world of Water Wars.

Our Install team have been busy recently with two very different Water Wars designs….

Our latest Water Wars installations at Lakeland Maze Farm Park and Gripped at Hobbledown Heath have shown the versatility in the design of this product.

Lakeland Maze in the Lake District wanted something that was both fun and inviting for all the family to enjoy during a day out visiting the farm park. The solution was the very colourful Double Dyno Water Wars model, with the addition of depth charge which provides an added challenge for people taking part. With the main frame constructed from aluminium and painted in the colours of your choosing this can be a game that stands the test of time and provide hours of soaking wet fun for all your visitors.

We obviously think Water Wars is fantastic fun. But what about visitors to these attractions.  Some of the recent posts on Lakeland Maze Facebook page summed it up perfectly, stating……

“We loved the Water Wars😊”

“Loved it when we came a few weeks ago. The splash wars is amazing”

Gripped at Hobbledown Heath were looking for something that would fit in with their traditional style wooden adventure area. The solution here was our beautifully crafted Wooden Water Wars. More understated than the colourful Dyno, but just as much fun to be had. Manufactured in our workshop in Leicester this Water Wars sits elevated on a hill for all visitors to see as the fun unfolds!

Staffing the attraction is optional.  Customers can either have fun filling the balloons themselves or the game can be supervised with staff pre-filling the balloons for maximum efficiency and a streamlined operation.

There are several models to choose from including portable versions which can be stored away when not in use.

Water Wars has provided years of fun for the visitors to attractions such as – York Maze which has been in place for 15 years, and Adventure Valley for the past 10 years, proving that the simple idea of a water fight can still put big smiles on little faces!

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