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‘Cough Cough’

Testing testing 1, 2, 1, 2. This is the voice of Team Innovative Leisure. Our new blog is the place where we get to share our thoughts, pictures, videos and other stuff deemed not entirely suitable for our main website. We may also post stuff we find interesting about the wider world of the leisure industry, new products and projects that catch our attention and hilarious or lighthearted stuff that may just brighten up your day a little.

This isn’t a sales channel, we won’t be badgering you to buy anything or to give us your contact details so we can call, text, email or mail you stuff. However if you’ve found us here on our blog and aren’t aware of Innovative Leisure and our range of adventure attractions you can visit our main website at www.innovativeleisure.co.uk for more information or comment on a post and we’ll get back to you.

So welcomes to Team Innovative’s Blog, we hope you’ll be stopping by regularly to see what’s new in the world of Innovative Leisure.

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