Stationary Coconut Tree Climb

The Static Coconut Tree Climb is a unique, fully themed tree climbing attraction. Based around the same belay system as our climbing walls, the Coconut Tree Climb offers a completely unique climbing experience.

Match Difficulty to Your Audience

Each Coconut Tree Climb consists of three authentically themed artificial coconut trees, including fully textured tree surface and decorative, artificial leaves at the summit. Additional handholds make climbing easier for younger children whilst also allowing you to alter the difficulty level.

Climbers can race against each other or the clock with the addition of our climber timer system. This competitive element is great for encouraging repeat play.

Dependable with TUV Certification

Each tree uses its own independent Hydraulic Auto Belay to support the climber during ascent and descent. With over a decade of use on all of our Climbing Towers, our Hydraulic Auto Belay has proven themselves to be the most dependable system available and is the only device to achieve the prestigious TÜV certification.

A powder coated box steel framework supports the climbing trees and this is concealed by two full-length colour banners that are incorporated into the overall theme.

It is easy to set up, highly durable and incredibly reliable, ensuring a safe climb and descent for participants and peace of mind for operators. We supply the highest quality climbing equipment from leading manufacturers including carabiners, swivels and harnesses and offer optional extras including safety mats, safety barriers and timer systems.

Coconut Climb Space Requirements

The Static Coconut Tree Climb requires an operating space of just 7×5 metres making it an ideal attraction for those with limited space. A perfect alternative to traditional Climbing Walls, the Coconut Tree Climb is ideally suited to zoos, safari parks and indoor play centres.

All Coconut Tree Climb installations are supplied with a Design Review, Risk Assessment, Operators Manual and comes with a training session for your staff included. In the UK each Coconut Tree Climb is also fully LEAPS/ADIPS tested and Document of Compliance supplied as standard.

The Stationary Coconut Tree Climb is particularly popular across the indoor play and holiday resort sectors, and can be found operating at many venues including indoor play centres such as Adventure Point in Darlington and Hemsby Beach Holiday Resort in Norfolk.

Stationary Coconut Tree Climb at Happy Fun Beach

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