Stationary Klime Wallz

Innovative Leisure presents a range of colourful fun climbing walls – a new twist to adventure attractions. These walls are often referred to as “fun walls” and seen by many as a great way to introduce climbing to kids whilst also being commercially viable for the operator. Ideal for birthday parties, school groups and designed to inspire young climbers they provide a range of challenges whilst everyone has fun.

Many Different Designs

The Klime Wallz range consists of many different designs, in high-quality colourful fibreglass moulds, each providing a fun different challenge.These walls can be combined to create an appealing climbing environment to suit your space and budgetary requirements. Each design is available in four different sizes to suit your target age range and ceiling height. The sizes available are: 12ft (3.6m), 16ft (4.8m), 20ft (6.m), 24ft (7.3m).

As with other climbing walls in the Innovative Leisure range, these walls utilise Hydraulic Auto Belays for complete piece of mind and confidence in safety.

We strongly recommend our Climber Timer upgrade on these walls to add a competitive edge while our illuminated handhold upgrade will add ever more eye-catching detail to your walls.

LEAPS/ADIPS Inspection Already Undertaken

As with all climbing walls in the Innovative Leisure range, Klime Wallz comes complete with LEAPS/ADIPS inspection and full UK NAFLIC design review.

Minimum participation height on the Klime Wallz range is 1.1m meaning children of a young age can also take on the challenge. Again,

Available Models

All Boxed Up
Pipes – includes LEDs
Horizontal Waves –
Skyscrapers –
The Zipper – includes LEDs
Vertical Waves

Stationary Klime Wallz

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