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Sky Trail high ropes courses suit a wide range of indoor and outdoor sites. They are a great way to add an adrenaline filled, hands-on experience for the whole family to your venue.

Constructed using the highest quality steel components, Sky Trail high ropes courses have a much longer life expectancy than a course made from wood with minimal ongoing maintenance required.

Universe Science Park, Denmark – Testimonial by Jonas Lutterman

Safety with Unique Patented Overhead Tracking System

The customer’s safety line and puck are inserted into the safety track before they leave the ground and cannot be disconnected until they return to the staff at the starting point. This also makes operating incredibly easy, reduces the risk of human error and greatly reduces staffing requirements, all great benefits for you as the operator.

The system also allows your customers to safely pass others with its overtaking capability. This has a crucial impact on hourly capacity by eliminating bottlenecks and queuing. It also allows your guests to choose their own path, giving them control and therby creating endless fun and repeat visits.

A High Ropes Course with Plenty of Options

Sky Trail High Ropes courses offer complete flexibility with the ability to refresh or alter in the future. With a wide variety of challenging and interchangeable elements, the modular design enables flexibility initially or at a later date.

There are three types of Sky Trail high ropes based on the number of levels:

• Discovery – 1 -2 levels
• Explorer – 1-6 levels
• Voyager – 1-3 levels

You can also customise the Sky Trail high ropes course to suit your venue with optional themes and colour schemes:

• Tropical
• Forest
• Pirate
• Western frontier
• African safari

Combine with Additional Elements

Beneath the Sky Trail high ropes course, you can also incorporate the Sky Tykes junior ropes course, specifically designed for children aged 2-7. Sky Tykes can be added at the start or for future expansion to your initial ropes course design.

For the ultimate high ropes course, a recent and exciting new extension to the Sky Trail range is the patented Sky Rail zip experience. Ensuring complete safety for your Sky Trail customers, the overhead track eliminates the need to clip and un-clip onto the zip line. Sky Rail provides a seamless transition while being managed by a unique electronic automation system which controls customer flow.

RCI Adventure Products also offers several expansion elements to make your ropes course more unique and memorable, including a souvenir photosystem.

Sky Trail vs Traditional

Below are the reasons why people opt for a Sky Trail high ropes course over a traditional high ropes course:

• Easier operation, low staffing requirements
• Higher throughput capacity than any other system (3 courses in Europe can do over 200 people per hour)
• Safety track and our continuous belay safety system is easy to use and minimises the scope for operator error
• Overtaking is easy which helps maintain high throughput and minimise ‘bottle-necks’
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations
• Full engineering calculations for course frame and that can be easily inspected annually
• Steel courses are stronger and more durable than wooden courses: much longer lifespan
• Specialist marine grade paint is used as standard on all courses

Safety is paramount. Operator training is provided as part of every Sky Trail package including practical and written examinations. All equipment is certified to the required CE and EN standards. In our standard schedule, we include final course inspection by Type A inspector with design review under ADIPS HSG175. See options section for more detail of what we can include in your Sky Trail project package.

Innovative Leisure is the exclusive partner in the UK of US-based company RCI Adventure Products. RCI are the market leaders in ropes courses and have installed over 600 courses worldwide since 1989. They have unparalleled experience in design, manufacturing, installation and training. Innovative Leisure’s territory with RCI includes Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain.

We work in conjunction with German firm Faszinatour for distribution and installation in mainland Europe.