Sky Tykes®

The Sky Tykes junior ropes course is manufactured specifically for children and just like our larger Sky Trail high ropes courses, harnessed participants will hook into the patented safety systems and begin their adventure. When combined with a Sky Trail course, the addition of Sky Tykes creates a high ropes experience the whole family can enjoy together from the very young children right up to the parents.

Sky Tykes is a mini version of our famous free roaming high ropes courses. These are designed for children below 1.2 metres in height, typically between the ages of two and seven.

Parents Walk Alongside Their Child

A unique feature of Sky Tykes is the walkthrough element area. This special feature allows for a helper, usually a parent, to accompany their child while they negotiate the many challenging rope elements the course offers. Parents walk alongside their child and are able to assist with any help they may need.

Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors

The Sky Tykes course is suitable for indoor and outdoor locations in a whole range of different sectors. As well being combined with a Sky Trail course, Sky Tykes can be installed as a separate entity. Some example layouts are given on this page but when installed alone, Sky Tykes can be designed to fit specific areas and can utilise previously wasted space.

Examples include:

  • 6 Pole Sky Tykes 9 elements 10-person capacity
  • 10 Pole Sky Tykes 14 elements 20-person capacity

Other popular designs also add the junior Sky Rail Zip Line. Perfect examples of which can be seen at Center Parcs, Haven Holiday Resorts and Chester Zoo.

Sky Tykes are proving popular with the UK holiday resort sector as an additional adventure play attraction. It fits in perfectly with the target age range of this sector and offers a unique experience for younger visitors.

Other examples in the UK of Sky Tykes are Landmark in Inverness, Prospect Park in Reading, and The National Watersports Centre in Nottingham.

Professionally Installed

All Sky Tykes ropes courses are installed by highly trained Innovative Leisure staff and are supplied with a design review, risk assessment, individual operators manuals and training session for your staff included. In the UK each Sky Trail high ropes course is also fully ADIPS tested and comes with a document of compliance supplied as standard.

If you don’t think the Sky Tykes course is the right high ropes for you then take a look at our other Sky Trail options.

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