Sky Trail® High Ropes Discovery

The Sky Trail Discovery high ropes course is perfectly suited to sites looking to offer a high ropes experience for the whole family, even those with younger children.

With either a single or double level format this course is for those looking for an entry-level product in the Sky Trail range. Capacity ranges from 25 to 50 people per session and the construction size ranges from five to ten poles. There is a Discovery ropes course to suit almost any location, both indoors and outdoors.

An Indoor High Ropes Experience

The Sky Trail Discovery ropes course can be installed indoors or outdoors, at just under 6m tall it can fit into buildings with relatively low ceiling height. This course is a popular option with the indoor play centre sector in particular as they can be installed around existing equipment or above a seating area taking advantage of otherwise unused space. Great examples of this can be seen at both We Are Vertigo and Adventure Kidz where Sky Trail Discovery courses have been installed.

Plenty of Options and Opportunities

The modular construction of Sky Trail Discovery ropes courses allows courses to be built in sizes ranging from five to ten poles with a diverse range of challenging elements installed between each pole. Once your Discovery ropes course has been constructed, additional poles and elements can be added at a later date in order to increase the capacity to meet high demand.

Below are the Sky Trail Discovery specification for standard course sizes, however, specific layouts may offer more elements than lists and therefore a higher capacity:

5 Pole Single Level Course 7 elements 10-person capacity
6 Pole Single Level Course 9 elements 12-person capacity
7 Pole Single Level Course 11 elements 15-person capacity
10 Pole Hex Single Level Course 17 elements 25-person capacity

It can be configured in numerous layouts based on an equilateral triangle design.

Double the Fun with a Second Level

The double level courses increase capacity while allowing participants to progress from the more comfortable first level to test their nerve on elements 8m above the ground on the second level. The additional challenge presented by the second level is a great way to increase your target age range.

5 Pole Double Level Course 14 elements 25-person capacity
7 Pole Hex Double Level Course 22 elements 30-person capacity
10 Pole Hex Double Level Course 34 elements 45-person capacity

Combine with the Junior Low Ropes Course and Zip Line

Sky Tykes courses are scaled down versions of the main course just a metre off the ground and are aimed at 2-7 year-olds. Combining the Sky Trail Discovery ropes course with Sky Tykes allows the whole family to share a ropes course experience together as seen at Mead Open Farm (outdoors) and We Are Vertigo (indoors).

The Sky Rail rigid zip track can be installed as a feature of our Sky Trail High Ropes Courses to enhance the experience.

Ask Us for Advice

Innovative Leisure works with you every step of the way from the initial point of contact through to the opening of your ropes course and beyond. We are happy to visit your potential site to assess the best way of designing a ropes course to meet your specific requirements. The next step is to produce design drawings to give you a visual of your chosen design, colour scheme and theming options. We also assist you with the specification and design of the concrete foundations where required. We have a highly trained and experienced high ropes installation team. Installation times vary depending on the course size but smaller Sky Trail courses can be built in less than five days keeping disruption on site to a minimum. With installation completed, the Sky Trail course will be subjected to a safety inspection (within the UK) with documentation and design review supplied. The final step is training your staff which is included as standard with every Sky Trail ropes course installation. All harnesses, safety lines and emergency take-down kit are also supplied with your Sky Trail High Ropes Course.

If you don’t think the Sky Trail Discovery course is the right high ropes for you then take a look at our other Sky Trail options.

Puxton Park 2s

The Sky Trail course has been a great addition to our new site. Early feedback has been superb with many people saying they will come back for another go. Working with Innovative Leisure was a pleasure. Their calm efficiency really enabled us to carry out the project as smoothly as possible.

Andrew Moody, Owner, Adventure Kidz, Maidstone

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