High Ropes Courses for Theme & Amusement Parks

An unforgettable adventure for the whole family

As purses tighten, we’re all working harder to be the destination guests want to visit and return to, and need to ensure we’re offering the best range of attractions for all ages to truly capture their attention. The addition of a high ropes course helps you to engage all ages with a fun, memorable and cost effective experience that’s both family friendly and full of thrills.

Why choose high ropes for theme & amusement parks?

Capitalise on unused and underutilised outdoor or indoor space and offer something different. Whether your focus is visitor numbers or adding additional revenue streams, a Sky Trail high ropes course can be tailored to meet your unique requirements and commercial objectives. With high throughput and capacity and low queue times you can give a positive guest experience with minimal power requirements, maintenance overheads and staffing costs, meaning fast investment payback and profitability. Speak to us now and make 2024 your best season yet!

Increase guest satisfaction with something unique

Your guests value making memories & prioritise unique experiences, so give them an active, aerial attraction the whole family can share. With SkyTykes for little ones right through to thrill seeking SkyTrail Explorer or Voyager courses for the bravest of guests, your bespoke course can be everything you want it to be, with a range of theming options and exciting additional features like the SkyRail zipline. You can even combine your courses in one space to keep everyone happy and maximise spatial ROI.

Admissions revenue or secondary spend, we’ve got you covered

Whether you’re adding new attractions to increase visitor numbers and guest satisfaction or adding a secondary revenue stream, a high ropes course offers a great opportunity to differentiate, increase time on site and grow spend per head.

Enable guests to book in advance for a friction-free experience that builds anticipation, or drive ROI by capturing spontaneous visitors. Both options offer high throughput, low queue times and low running & staffing costs.

You can even take advantage of optional extras including photo packages (great with the SkyRail zipline) to boost revenue.

Fast, flexible and scalable

Sky Trail high ropes courses can be designed to fit almost any space – whether indoor or outdoor (with no trees necessary) thanks to their unique modular configuration. You can also extend your course horizontally and vertically in the future, as demand increases and ROI is realised, and maximise your attraction by safely incorporating other activities underneath. With fast turnaround from enquiry to open attraction, and low staffing and maintenance requirements, a high ropes course can meet your objectives faster than you think.

Low energy advantage

Requiring little to no power to operate, high ropes courses help mitigate the impact rising energy costs, providing a unique and sustainable way to grow guest satisfaction and spend, without the corresponding increase to your overheads.

Recommended high ropes courses for amusement parks:

Using the latest modular technology and interchangeable elements, our courses offer complete flexibility so you can grow your high ropes attraction and refresh in the future. With courses for mini adventurers to thrill seekers, you can build the right attraction for you. Sky Trail high ropes courses offer a much longer life expectancy than traditional wooden courses, with minimal ongoing maintenance as they’re constructed using the highest quality steel components.

Visitor traversing adventure element on Sky Trail Voyager
Linear course | Best for throughput
Young person traversing adventure element on Sky Tykes low ropes course
Low ropes | Best for: Kids aged 2-7 years
Person Zipping on Sky Rail Zip track
Great for all ages | Exciting add-on

Why Innovative Leisure?

From building your business case to planning, design and install, Innovative Leisure partners with you for the entire project. All harnesses, safety lines and emergency take-down kit are supplied, and staff training is included as standard with every installation, with no hidden costs. You work with us as your sole supplier for everything, so you’ll get to know and trust our team.

Not sure which course is right for you? Just ask us!

Sky Trail above mini golf at Mote Park

We try to keep abreast of what’s going on and try to pick out those things which will be unique so that the offering that we give to our visitors is exceptional.

We looked very much at the different activities and attractions we had and high ropes offered something completely different… it’s very exciting… It also allows a good volume of people to go on it at one time as well, so that’s very important.

Martin Goymour, MD, Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

Trusted by the world’s leading theme park brands:

We’re proud to be working with some of the biggest names in the theme and amusement park space, including:


We arrange third party design review and onsite inspections for all of our installed courses under LEAPS or ADIPS. We also train your staff, test and certify them with our in-house team

Predator High Ropes was a 24-month project, built within 6 months. The finished product looks outstanding and is something I am very proud to have worked closely on with Phil at Innovative Leisure who has a great team who supported us professionally from training through to after-sales service.

Charles Adam Goymour, General Manager of the family-owned park Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

Did you know? We also offer stationary climbing walls?


Book a free consultation with our experts now and we’ll help you to:

  • Identify the best high ropes solution for your attraction
  • Scope your project based on design and commercial objectives
  • Shape your business case
  • Understand the planning & safety requirements

Did you know…

Innovative Leisure’s highly experienced team works with you every step of the way. We are happy to visit your potential site to assess the best way of designing a ropes course to meet your specific requirements and produce design drawings to give you a visual of your chosen design, colour scheme and theming options.