We have many custom colours and theme options for you to consider when planning your course with Innovative Leisure. Every location and environment is unique and we’d love to talk with you about your specific needs.

Additional Elements

Standard elements are composed of horizontally strung cables, ropes, boards and other materials secured between each pole. RCI Adventure Products offer several expansion elements to make your ropes course a little more unique and memorable. RCI are constantly developing and designing new expansion elements which can be used to upgrade new or existing Sky Trail courses.

Walk the Plank

Add an extra-daring challenge to your ropes course with the walk the plank element, a 6-inch stand-alone beam, allowing participants to walk a distance of 7-feet and turn-around hands-free.
NEW for 2017! Tipping Walk the Plank.

Souvenir Photosystem

Participants take their own picture by pulling a rope at the end of an element for instant proof of their fearless adventure. Choose to have the pictures developed instantly on-site or consider a social media hub for guests to boast their accomplishments (and your ropes course) instantly on their online profiles.

Glider Bench

Give participants a chance to catch their breath between their high-level adventures or just take in the scenery with the glider bench element.

Sun Shades

Sun shades are highly recommended for outdoor courses exposed to a lot of sunlight. The shades protect guests and course operators from extended periods of sunlight so they are able to concentrate on having fun and being safe.

NEW! Expansion Elements

Each Sky Trail Ropes Course Is Equipped with the Following Standard Features

  • Standard colour scheme
  • Entrance and gate exit with 2.4m fencing around stairs to the first level
  • Appropriate selection of activity elements
  • Appropriate amount of harnesses
  • Appropriate amount of sling lines
  • Appropriate amount of emergency take down kits
  • Appropriate amount of harness racks (on wheels)
  • Minimum of 2 element track stops
  • Final course inspection, certification and design review under ADIPS HSG175, also complies with EN15667
  • Operator training at your site. Includes: written and practical tests, documentation and certification
  • 1-year warranty on structure and paint
  • Delivery
  • Installation and commissioning by our expert team
  • Ongoing training and technical support
  • Approximate course height: 1 level – 6m, 2 levels – 10m, 3 levels – 14m, 4 levels – 18m, 5 levels – 22m
    **These numbers may differ based on specific site locations.

Each Sky Trail Ropes Course Is Available with the Following Features

  • Custom colour scheme
  • Custom rope colours and plumber elements
  • Expansion elements: walk the plank, photography system, glider bench, sun shades and more
  • Additional harnesses, sling lines, emergency take down kits and harness racks
  • Galvanisation
  • Element track stops – deluxe
  • Maintenance and inspection training after 1 year of course operation
  • Themes – pirate, western frontier, African safari, tropical and forest
  • Options to extend your course to increase dwell time, throughput and capacity

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