Downpour Derby

Downpour Derby is an interactive wet play attraction for the whole family to participate in. Playing the game is simple as you crank the handle to fill the bucket above your opponent’s head, quicker than they can fill the bucket above yours. The slowest player gets the whole bucket tipped on them, soaking them from head to toe. That player may have lost the game but is sure to carry on cranking to make sure their opponent gets soaked too!

Downpour Derby is the latest wet play attraction manufactured in Minnesota by our long-standing partners at Water Wars. Popular in a number of locations in the United States, the game is available in both stationary and mobile models and is fun for participants of all ages.

The Stationary Model

The stationary model is a four-player unit which pits two pairs of players against one another. This model can be installed in a 3m x 3m area and can either be operated using an external water supply, using the built-in 120 Litre tank with automatic refill device or can be installed in a shallow pool of between 7cm and 38cm deep to utilise that supply. This pumps the pool water through the system with no external supply required.

Downpour Derby is fabricated in the same durable powder coated aluminium as our Water Wars park model range with stainless steel pumps. It is an ideal addition to water parks, amusement parks, farm and holiday parks and wet play areas. Downpour Derby is available in a range of colours and theme options to suit your location.

Downpour Derby’s simple operation means that no staff are needed to operate. The attraction can be utilised well alongside other attractions in a wider wet play area and makes a great addition to Water Wars or other larger rides to help entertain the queue and can be themed to fit in with your existing attractions. No staff means low operating costs and maintenance is also minimal.

The Mobile Downpour Derby

The mobile configuration for the Downpour Derby is a two-player mobile to transport to various locations and events. The same 3m x 3m area is recommended to operate and can be set up on a suitable surface by one person within ten minutes. A standard garden water hose can be used for the mobile model which fills the attached 70 Litre tank. As with the stationary version, stainless steel pumps fill the buckets above with the slowest to crank their handle getting soaked!

Mobile Downpour Derby is also constructed in durable aluminium and available in a host of colour options.

A summary of the Mobile Downpour Derby are:

  • No staff are required to operate once set up
  • Provides fun for all ages
  • Powder coated aluminium framework for a long lasting finish
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Mobile version sets up within ten minutes
  • Autofill device shuts off the water when not in use

See Them in Action

You can find Downpour Derby operating at Cornwall’s Crealy (complimenting the park’s Stationary Water Wars system), at Adventure Wonderland in Dorset as ‘Water Wind-Up’, Sheffield’s Tropical Butterfly House, Fishers Farm Park and York Maze; giving Innovative Leisure another product which is popular within that sector.

Downpour Derby

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