Mobile Water Wars

Water Wars is an interactive, family-orientated, wet play attraction in which participants launch water balloons at each other from within opposing battle stations using the Water Wars catapults. Since its inclusion in over 400 venues all over the world, Water Wars has enhanced a diverse range of venues, proving popular with mobile operators, small family-owned centres and many of the world’s largest amusement parks.

Water Wars makes an entertaining attraction for participants or onlookers and can also provide secondary spend revenue.

Easily Transportable

Mobile Water Wars systems can be folded up and transported to another location. They come in a variety of sizes. The ‘Mini’ is our base Water Wars model and comprises two collapsible stations on wheels. The Mini is perfect for small events.

If you’re in need of something that is ultra-portable, our ‘Fold-Up’ system is great for events that last the whole day or even two. Our largest Mobile system is the ‘Challenger’ which can accommodate up to eight players in any game.

Optional Depth Charge

Most mobile units can incorporate the Depth Charge upgrade which is an exciting new add on to the already popular Water Wars game that sees participants getting even wetter than before.

With Depth Charge, players launch the water filled balloons as normal towards the opposing battle station. If a balloon lands on the target on top of the station, a sensor is triggered which sends a signal to a water tank in front of the station and sets off the Depth Charge. This fires a jet of water up in the air towards the adjacent players, soaking them in the process.

Full Package Supplied

All Mobile Water Wars units are supplied with a balloon filling station, a box of 14,400 balloons, spare launcher and a copy of the design review.

Mobile Water Wars systems appeal to venues who want the flexibility of operating Water Wars when the weather is good or when it is hired out for a specific event whilst being able to keep it stored away the rest of the time.

Tolmers Scout Camp in Hertfordshire operates Mobile Water Wars to provide all visiting scouts with a fun activity which lets them have a water fight in a controlled environment. Splashdown Water Park in Paignton is a seasonal attraction so a Mobile Water Wars system the park can store away in the close season is perfect for them. We know the weather isn’t always great in Britain but Mobile Water Wars offers British venues that flexibility.


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