Stationary Water Wars

Water Wars is an interactive, family-orientated, wet play attraction in which participants launch water balloons at each other from within opposing battle stations using the Water Wars catapults.

Since its inclusion in over 900 venues all over the world, Water Wars has enhanced a diverse range of attractions, proving popular with some of the Europe’s largest amusement parks, resorts, UK farm parks, shopping centres and Family Entertainment Centres.

Water Wars makes an entertaining attraction for participants and onlookers that can also build secondary spend and entertain queue lines.

Variety of Sizes

Stationary Water Wars systems are permanently sited and come in a variety of sizes.

The ‘Junior Dyno’ is our base Water Wars model and comprises two battle stations facing one another for the ultimate one on one war! ‘Junior Dyno’ systems are popular with smaller amusement parks and all family entertainment centres.

Our ‘Dyno’ systems offer larger battle stations and are popular with any size amusement park or visitor attraction. The ‘Double Dyno’ system comprises two conjoined battle stations meaning up to 16 players per game can play. This type of system is hugely popular at large theme parks and offers fantastic throughput.

Optional Depth Charge

All static units can incorporate the Depth Charge upgrade which is an exciting new add-on to the already popular Water Wars game that sees participants getting even wetter than before.

With Depth Charge, players launch the water-filled balloons as normal towards the opposing battle station. If a balloon lands on the target on top of the station, a sensor is triggered which sends a signal to a water tank in front of the station and sets off the Depth Charge. This fires a jet of water up in the air towards the adjacent players, soaking them in the process.

All Water Wars units are supplied with a balloon filling station, a box of 14,400 balloons, spare launcher and a copy of the Design Review.

High Capacity Capabilities

Stationary Water Wars are often referred to as ‘Park’ models here at Innovative Leisure as that’s exactly who they are made for.

Operating at such family amusement parks as Paulton’s near Southampton and Cornwall’s Crealy, the stationary model is built for big capacity and throughput. Another diverse attraction in the Innovative Leisure range, Stationary Water Wars systems can also be found at Surrey’s Bocketts and Heads of Ayr farm parks, York Maze and Sandown Ski Centre.

We’ve received many positive testimonials for Stationary Water Wars over the years and some of our favourites are listed below:

Water Wars has been a great success and is now sold out most weekends. It definitely increases our income throughout the year. If the demand on bookings continues we will have to consider expanding.”

Loretta Ferrito, Manager, Sandown Ski Centre

We installed Water Wars early this year and are really pleased with the results. Guest feedback is fantastic and the whole family can be seen enjoying this attraction. It really complements our other water attractions and adds a different dimension to the park. It has been performing very well financially too. I would recommend Water Wars for any family theme park or attraction. ”

Simon Townsend, General Manager, Crealy Cornwall/Camel Creek

We chose Water Wars because the activity is a fun one and we could see that it would bring in additional cash on a sunny day. Having fun with water and the competition between two shooters is as much fun for the crowd watching as it is fun for the ones doing it.”

Unni Lyngved, Park Manager, TusenFryd, Norway

York Maze Water Wars

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