Zip Wire

A staple of the outdoor adventure activity for decades, a zip line provides a flying thrill like no other. With zip lines around the world offering either scenic rides or a high-speed adrenaline rush, the sensation of zip lining is something thrill seekers crave.

Until recently the only way to feel that sensation was to visit an outdoor pursuits centre or to travel to a specialist zip line park. The demand for zip lining attractions is increasing. Now with our Sky Rail technology and Mobile Zip Line, we have 2 new unique options for you.

Sky Rail

The Sky Rail rigid zip track can be installed as a feature of our Sky Trail High Ropes Courses to enhance the experience or it can be part of a unique Sky Trail design over a water feature or between buildings. The Sky Rail offers unique advantages to customers who use it (seamless integration with high ropes activity) and operators (flexible design and installation options and high commercial capacity). Crucially as there is “no sag”, as with traditional zip lines so it suits indoor locations particularly well where movement and space below the zip activity are at a premium.

Mobile Zip Line

If you want to take the zip line experience to thrill seekers then our Mobile Zip Line is the perfect solution. It’s the latest offering in our extensive range of mobile attractions and is the result of many years of research and development. Its award-winning design enables customers to enjoy a thrilling zip wire ride in complete safety while operators enjoy easy operation, high throughput capacity and the peace of mind that comes from working with products supplied by Innovative Leisure.