Mobile Zip Line

The Mobile Zip Line is the latest mobile adventure attraction supplied by Innovative Leisure. Researched and designed over many years and built to the highest standard it is the first portable zip line attraction on the market. When launched in 2011 the Mobile Zip Line and its manufacturer Spectrum Sports International were awarded the prestigious ‘Best New Product’ award’ at IAAPA 2011. Since then the product has gone from strength to strength with zips operating all over North America and Europe.

Dual Zip Wires

The Mobile Zip Line features dual zip wires for high throughput potential and three sophisticated pieces of technology to ensure the highest levels of safety and to make operation as simple as possible. The state of the art automatic braking system guarantees a controlled, gradual stop for riders. The Auto Retract mechanism quickly returns the pulley cart back to the top of the zip wire and the auto tensioning device maintains the optimum tension on the zip line for the perfect ride. These three unique key features allow for high volume throughput, ease of operation and the potential for a great return on investment.

Safe and Secure

The main challenge when setting up a zip line is setting the right tension of the zip wire. A zip line needs the correct line tension to ensure the weight of its riders does not cause the line to droop to an unsafe height; finding this tension can be a lengthy process. With the Mobile Zip Line, the ‘Auto-tension device’ sets that tension for you and continues to adjust and maintain this throughout the operation. This eliminates one of the intricate elements of set up and ensures customers get the perfect ride every time.

When riders reach the top of the stairs they’re clipped on to the line and enter the launch barrel which protects both the rider and the operator from falls. When the barrel is opened by the operator, the rider is free to take the leap of faith from the 8.3 meter high platform and enjoy a thrilling 40 metre ride all the way to the ground.

To ensure a controlled stop, we have developed an automatic braking system that slows only the last portion of the ride. This gradually slows the rider down through the last few feet of the attraction bringing them to a stop just short of the two inflatable walls at the end, positioned for intimidation and to maintain a clear landing area. This eliminates the abrupt and dangerous stopping mechanisms fitted to other zip lines ensuring participants enjoy a thrilling yet safe ride. Once riders are unhooked, the Auto-Retract system returns the trolley back to the top of the line in just a couple of seconds ready for the next rider. This helps to maintain a high level of throughput and ensures operating is as smooth and easy for staff as possible.

All Mobile Zip Lines are supplied with a Design Review, Risk Assessment, Operators Manual and training session for your staff included. In the UK each Mobile Zip Line is also fully ADIPS certified and comes with a document of compliance supplied as standard.

Innovative Leisure’s Mobile Zip Line Benefits

  • The Mobile Zip Line is an exciting concept and is that ‘something different’ people are looking for
  • The market is unsaturated so potential rental fees are significantly greater than other mobile attractions
  • Exceptionally high throughput rate of up to 80 people an hour, far exceeding other mobile attractions
  • The smooth automatic braking system, Auto Retract and Auto-Tensioning features are unique to our Mobile Zip Line
  • Innovative Leisure offer an unrivalled level of after-sales support including supply of spare parts, service work and safety inspections
  • Our Mobile Zip Line exceeds the highest standards and is compliant with the ADIPS safety inspection scheme

Previous Customers

The Mobile Zip Line is popular with independent attraction operators as a unique alternative to Mobile Climbing Walls. As such, Mobile Zip Lines operate at many events across Europe every week. In addition, the We Are Vertigo family entertainment centre in Belfast uses a Mobile Zip Line to offer an additional thrilling activity to its guests on site.

Danish independent operator, Danlej bought a Mobile Zip Line back in 2012 and couldn’t be happier:

“We chose the Mobile Zip Line back in 2012 because it was a great new attraction never before seen in Europe. Our customers wanted something special and we wanted something that could provide the throughput to please them all. That is why the Mobile Zip Line was the perfect choice for us. Working with Innovative Leisure was an amazing and professional experience in all aspects of the deal.”

Michael Hansen, Owner, Danlej

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