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We always have a selection of new, ex-demo and second hand stock for sale. Please browse the list below. If any of them catch your eye, contact us and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We also have a constant stream of new, made to order, equipment on the move so why not ask us for exactly what you’d like for your venue?

  • Condition: Second Hand

    Availability: From May onwards

    Second Hand Junior Double Dyno Water Wars with option to refurbish. In blue or could be re-powder coated in your choice of colour and option to add new Depth Charge. For more information click HERE

  • Age: New

    Availability: November 2021

    16 panel traverse wall with timer, for more information click HERE

  • Condition: Pre-owned, good

    This 10-pole Sky Tykes junior ropes course is available in the colours pictured with the option to be repainted.

    17 Adventure elements. Plated capacity: 20 children

    Call us on +44(0)116 271 3095 for more details on pricing

  • Age: Brand New

    Availability: In stock, ask for install dates

    This brand new UK made Pirate Themed Water Wars is in stock and ready for installation. To find out more about this product click HERE

  • Age: 5 years

    Condition: Pre-owned

    Availability: TBC

    This pre-owned course is a 10 Pole Double Level Linear Sky Trail Navigator, with 34 adventure elements and a plated capacity of 45 participants.  It can be built to fit into an area of 39m x 9m and is approximately 10m in height. Painted in a natural colour scheme.

    Call us on +44 (0)116 271 3095 for details and pricing

  • Condition: Preowned, galvanised

    Availability: In stock

    Description: Pre-owned, 7.3 metres tall outdoor Stationary Climbing Wall. 4 climbers at any one time, and equipped with our hydraulic auto belay system. Call us now on +44(0)116 271 3095 or enquire online for details and pricing.

  • Age: Brand new

    Condition: New

    Availability: Now

    Description: In stock is a Double Inflatable Water Wars balloon battle game consisting of a two-piece inflatable manufactured in strong vinyl. This four battle station model allows for two 1 v 1 battles to take place side by side. Includes all splash panels and balloon launchers, aluminium balloon filling station, balloon buckets, ground sheet, 2 x inflate/deflate electric pumps and 14,400 balloons (one box). For more information click HERE

  • Condition: Pre-owned

    Availability: Call for more details

    Description: The Outdoor Coconut Tree Climb. 7.3 metres high. 3 climbers at any one time. Fitted with our hydraulic auto belay system. Can be installed indoors also.

    Call us on +44(0)116 271 3095 for more details on pricing

  • Age: New

    Availability: Now

    Description: Blue Downpour Derby currently in stock. The objective of the game is to crank the handle which fills the bucket above your opponents head. The slowest player gets the whole bucket of water tipped onto them, soaking them from head to toe. They may have lost the game but they may carry on cranking to make sure their opponent gets soaked too! Read more about it HERE